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Seeing and hearing her response to the name teasing, Kyu chuckled slightly as he moved to walk alongside her. “Heh, guess that was a bit much, huh? Though I actually do think its a bit fitting.” He glanced over at the shy Electric-type. “You’re an amazing dancer,Tes. Its beautiful to watch, really…not that you’re not always bea-” Kyu cleared his throat and looked away, having expressed himself a bit more than he meant to. "Though she might just think I’m teasing her again."

However, hearing her tease him back about his sense of direction made him stumble a bit, not expecting it from her. “”Hey, last time wasn’t my fault!” Kyu insisted, looking a bit flustered as well now. “How was I suppose to know there was some ancient stone golem geezer sleeping in those ruins? Or that he’d be super cranky about territory? You can’t blame that on me just cause I got turned around a little” he mocked huffed, crossing his arms and grumbling to himself. ” 'Stay of my yard'…it was a desert, you old coot. There wasn’t even anything resembling a yard.”


Tesla laughed at Kyu’s little sketch of that particular adventure.

"Well…you still should have been more mindful of elders…" the eelektross finally replied. "And…are you feeling better enough to go?"

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" ………"

Oh…so he figured it out had he? The blank stare that Orion was giving to the celebi was a disturbing enough as he leaned over a little bit, the smaller one backing away as Orion came up a little bit closer. He smiled behind his mask however, letting out a chuckle.

" ….I’ve never been one for talkative meals…you see I much rather they stay quiet….but you…you’ve spoken quite a great deal today….chatty…I hate chatty—-" 

The pressure surrounding the two became heavy, however it didn’t bother the alien one bit as he drew a little closer, reaching for his mask and pulling it down a little bit, giving the other a toothy wicked smile. ” …Shhh don’t struggle…” he cooed softly, one of his sleeves lifting a bit as two tentacles both red and blue started to twist out a little…inching towards the celebi. 

" ..it’ll only hurt for a second…" 


Oh no no no nO NO………this was bad. Very bad.

Even if Timaeus was gifted with immortality, tangling with a Deoxys meant Ey’d have to stay in a death-like coma….which the Celebi certainly did not want at all.

Seeing the tentacles come closer, Timaeus knew ey had to act fast. Concentrating all the power that he could, ey summoned a strong gust of wind, causing all the nearby trees to let loose their leaves towards the direction of the Deoxys to let out a Leaf Storm.

Timaeus did not even try to look back to see whether Orion survived the attack. With the remaining energy the ey had left, Timaeus summoned a time portal and vanished without a trace.


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  Anonymous said:
I shall credit you, and I figure I should clarify that it won't be in gijinka form, so I'll be basing Celebi's personality off of Timaeus'. But I'm so happy, I could hug you.

((*hugs you back* I’m flattered you like Timaeus enough to use em as inspiration!))

  Anonymous said:
So I'm doing a Heartgold Nuzlocke comic and I was wondering if it's cool if I could base Celebi in-comic on Timaeus. (I already though of basing Celebi off of River Song so it might be a mix of both. XD)

((oMFG if you do PLEASE PLEASE link me and credit me!!!!))



— A break sounds nice…Summer break is the best. - sighs content with the holidays she had right now. With his question, Esther ears perk up again-

— Nothing really interesting and exciting like your training routines. - which was true. – Just classes, hanging out with friends, lacrosse practice and exams. The same old boring thing. - chuckles.

— Hey, you should show me your new smooth moves you learned!


*wrinkles nose when he hears about classes* Yeah…break’s good!
And uh, I guess my training stuff isn’t as boring as class…
*perks up when he hears Esther being interested in his new moves*
Hahaha they aren’t “smooth” thought…but let’s see.. *concentrating, he closes his eyes and a pinkish aura is seen when he opens his mind again*
*Ji-Woo used Calm Mind!*



— His embarrassment makes him cute. - nods acknowledging how embarrassingly cute he was. An authentic adorkable character.

— Gou? You would make a really cute Gou, for sure. - tries to cheer Lilah to actually do the cosplay. — I never tried cosplay myself, just the though of it makes me feel weird.


*nods in agreement*

"And hmm! Maybe if I get the time to make the uniform and order the wig, I might! It’s a simplier cosplay than my FE13 one with my boyfriend…"

*raises eyebrow when Yasuko admits to not cosplaying*

"Well, cosplaying is hard but it’s super fun! You should try it sometime!"



Okay this was taking way too long..and this person was starting to get on his nerves. He was obviously suspicious of him..wasting his time by keeping emselves at bay, BAH. Why couldn’t he have been naive like the rest of them. 

" ….if all you wish to do is stare at me…then leave…thats….quite rude…" he growled a little bit, looking up at the other. As ey could see…his eyes were now introverted, completely black with white pupils…Orion was agitated…but he still had to…keep undercontrol. " …I don’t take kindly to those who would just watch me like I’m a side show…its insulting…" he started to slowly get up from his spot, towering over the other, his mouth still hidden behind his ‘scarf as he looked down at the other. He could just eat him right then and there…but no…again Orion had…some self control. 

" …forgive me…I don’t mean to be irritable..but…I really do need some food.." 


"Aha…Sorry, I really shouldn’t try to bother you——"

As soon as Timaeus saw the inverted eyes,  ey suddenly came to a realization. The headaches..the strange behavior of this person…it all made sense now.

"——YOU! Stay back!" Timaes suddenly shourted in panic, backing away.