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Legacy ((Closed RP))



Lilli tilted her head to one side. This conversation was becoming awfully one sided. This wasn’t helping her find what she was looking for at all. The only thing she could see was happening was that the old man looked like he was about to cry. Beneath all the shaking and so pale, he sort of reminded her of someone though…

"I dunno if I should tell you Mister." She went back to swaying from side to side, an expression of contemplation crossing her face. "Mummy always says not to talk to strangers about family stuff and it’s super rude that you didn’t even shake my hand and tell me your name.”

She puffed her cheeks and chest out trying to make herself look more imposing than she actually was. Were the situation not so tense, it would have been borderline adorable. The point she was trying get across though was that she wasn’t going to answer any more of his questions until he had at least introduced himself. It was just common courtesy after all. Even the dead had to appreciate that.



Despite his rattled mental state, the meds were kicking in and letting him think a bit more clearly. And then he saw that the little girl seemed a little upset that Wayne was being too demanding. He felt a little sorry, but was a bit annoyed by her attitude.

Kids these days…

But he decided to comply with her request; perhaps it would make her react or…something.

"My name…" Wayne coughed a little as he spoke. "…is Wayne. Wayne Integre."


Wayne: Young lady! Get down from there!

Serena: Eh? But I’m fine!

((Serena, you’re so precious.Despite being blind, she wants to prove she’s fine. Also, I forgot to draw Wayne in a crouching position. Sorry! Also, how does one do backgrounds???))

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((Ahhh I missed this blog;;;

I forgot my tablet pen so I can’t draw but I can do rps! Please let me know if I have a thread I should reply to, please?



you went to sleep so im making it a submission instead

u 3 u i hope you like it kylee !!


This was a lovely surprise to wake up to ahhhh THANK YOU KAM!!!!



sure yeah let’s„,go in side  -gulps-

-he opens the door cuz that’s what…guys are suppose to do, or something, right?? shit he was the least gentlemanly thing out there so what even. how do. he felt like a massive dork for being antsy in the first place. grow a pair Delray goddamn where’s your game- 

-they’re eventually seated at a booth, he buries his nose in the menu not sure how to start the conversation- uHhH„,so um. if you’re taking accounting, what’s your major…?? 


*looks up from her menu*

Well, technically a business major but I specialize in hotel administration and hospitality…it sounds a lot fancier than it actually is. *laughs*

And how about you~?


So, with the upcoming Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, I wanted to draw my little Sableye! Her name is Serena, and I always imagined her to be blind. She also wants to grow up and dreams of mega-evolving.

Also, I think she’d be enthusiastic to be friends with Ky-nim’s Wayne the Sableye. Wayne is giving her the mega-stone. Although, I’m not sure how the old codger would really act. Still, cute~


((Maybe after the Legacy rp he might be less bitter but ye;;; THIS IS CUTE!!))

Idle talk [CLOSED RP]



He quickly turned to shoot a glare to the woman, his hand still clasped to his mouth. What a jerk! How dare she laugh at the great Damian! She hasn’t even apologized. He will defeat her and she will crawl back from where she came, and she will warn others of him and the others will know to stay away from this area from which Damian the Golbat resides, and they will know to stay away from his turf!”

"You will pay for that!" Damian threatened, his normal snarky smile was now an intense scowl. He jumped and his wings opened, flapping furiously.

"Brave Bird!" He yelled, flying down at the Noivern at an intense speed 


Even if the Goltbat was a little shit, he was a FAST little shit. Freya was knocked back by the Brave Bird attack. Despite reeling back a little from the impact, the Noivern managed to push back at the crazy bat with the butt of her axe.


Her eyes glowed red, and then the sky turned dark as Draco Meteors started to rain from above.

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The wing blade might look ridic but I guess it makes for a sweet-ass glider accessory amirite

((Not confirmed new character for the blog but it’s nice to have here hahahah))

Just a question like out of character, is Rory and Rora based off of the two kids from gravity falls?

((Loosely yep! :D))

Rory: ……….which Rotom are you speaking about btw?

Rora: It could be Per—-

Rory: RORA! >:O

((My 50th ask after post-reboot! whoo!))