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"U-u-uh h-h-hi Rory, R-Rora" Percy was afraid. And not like he saw a zombie afraid, this was the girl he liked (and her sister), and he was standing in her House!

He lifted the box, “I-I Baked a caked and some cookies….I had some more but I think your uncle took them?” He didn’t know how to word that.

image image

"HI PERCY!" Rory finally replied back. "And GOD RORA, he’s not dumb! Geez…"

"WELL Rory he just called big bro our uncle SO THERE!" Rora retorted back.

But their bickering abruptly stopped when Percy mentioned food.




ehh haha s-sure man, whatever ya want. -takes the paper back for a brief moment to scribble it on a corner before handing it back- 

you should get good marks on that, I’m a fuckin’ genius afterall. 

I uh. Guess I’ll see ya around? 



Alright~ I’ll let you know, dear~

See ya!



Staying quiet for a few minutes as they both enjoyed the silence, Kyu spoke up as he felt almost ready to go. “You know, that Cacturne called you Rainmaker, but I think you need a better alias than that. Something to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.” he chuckled slightly as he finally stood up, brushing the sand off his pants. “Something like Stormbringer or Thunder Goddess…” he paused to slip his shirt and jacked back on, “Ooh, even better! Flashdancer!” he joked, making jazz hands as he said the name to add to the effect.

He winced slightly at the slight ache in his body, wounds healing but not fully gone. Best he could hope for under the circumstances, really. “Well, you can’t say our desert trips aren’t ever exciting.” the fox magician said with a grin as he looked over to her. “You ready to go, Tes?”


At first, Tesla did not reply when hearing those nicknames. Instead, the flustered eelektross face reddened.

"…I don’t like the last nickname at all…"

But she couldn’t help but chuckle at his comment about their desert travels.

"Well……half of the trips won’t have been as crazy if you had a better sense of direction….."

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-WoAH wasn’t expecting her to just dive in like that WoAhHhWOAH- 

-he tenses up at first but then gets lost in the moment; after a few moments of a heated makeout session he pulls away, breathless and speechless- 


I. err…uh…paper here’s homework your. I mean. here’s your…here’s your homework. Shit. /////// -hands it to her, feeling like a pile of mush and a babbling idiot- 

you’re one hell of a kisser, damn. 



*She admits Delray is a pretty good kisser but is far more amused by his reaction to say it out loud*

Thanks~! *takes it, very satisfied*


Say, Give me your number as well, won’t you? So I can call you up when I get good marks…I did promise you a date for that, after all~

But you are paying. Just sayin’

((The one time I will participate in a munday holla))



-a date? well dang. looks like he was spittin some serious game for a change. he took the papers and started scribbling away, explaining things here and there- 

by the way, don’t tell anyone about this; don’t want people thinkin’ I’m a nerd. I mean this stuff’s basic as hell, but. Egghh it’s weird for someone like me to actually get this shit. I think. 

-after 45 minutes or so he got down to the last page, finishing up the last of it- I made it kinda messy so maybe ya can’t tell the difference in our handwriting. -holds the papers hostage behind his back- I kept my end of the bargain, so pucker up, babe. Betcha can’t sweep me off my feet ;) -challanges her with a cocky smirk- 


*listens intensely dang she’s so glad to get this annoying hw done by somebody else*

Hehe! Thanks~ 

*Raises eyebrow in mock offense when he takes away the paper*

Well you better pucker up, otter boy….

((Feeling SLIGHTLY overwhelmed OTL))

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Legacy ((Closed RP))



The girl looked up at the Sableye in fascination. He looked so… so old. He even had a cane and everything. He looked older than Mummy. Older than Daddy even, and he was the oldest looking person she knew! Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled in amazement, the frustration dropping from her mind almost instantly.

"I’m looking for someone," She said, rocking back and forth on her heels as she stared up at him. "But I don’t know who they are, and no-one in here is very helpful," She huffed and turned to the rest of the hall as she spoke, as though trying to shame them for their lack of assistance.

"Do you think you could help mister?"


((Lillith used uguu! It was super effective!))

As the little shiny yamask looked at her in admiration (sorta) and started to talk, Wayne’s trademark scowl did not really change. This wasn’t the first time some kid ghost was lost and looking for someone. And like most ghosts familiar with the Ministry, Wayne would have usually ignore her. But for some irritatingly unknown reason, Wayne had a strange desire to help this girl.

"Well kid, this place ain’t excatly the friendliest of places…" he began to say slowly. "…but sure. But if your little search takes more than an hour, I’m out."

And he really did hope this wasn’t going to take too long. If worst came to worst, he could try to ditch the girl and be off on his way.



"O-oh H-hi Ror-" before Percy could say hello the duo were down the hall and into the kitchen

Normally Percy would have left, due to his cowardly nature. But today he felt he could do it. He tip-toed down the hall and peeked from behind the corner.

He saw the duo  fighting over an ice pop.

image image

The twins were still fighting over the one remaining ice pop, so they did not notice the visitor come into the kitchen. Unfortunately for both of them, the ice pop had melted as they fought, leaving a sticky mess.

"Gross…." Rory muttered as she wiped her gloves. "Now what are gonna snack on??"

"Well…" Rora tried to think of something, and instead noticed Percy "OHHH MY GOD RORY ITS YOUR DUMB BOYFRIENDDDDDD!!!"